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Whether you play the bass, electric, or acoustic guitar, having a strap for it is crucial if you play standing up. A good quality strap will give you better comfort, improve your accuracy, and allow you more control over your instrument.

Numerous guitarists have asked me how much they should spend on a guitar strap. Although it solely depends on how much you’re comfortable spending on a guitar strap, having a good quality one can significantly improve your guitar playing experience.

This article will explain why getting an expensive guitar strap can be worth it and answer some common questions about guitar straps. Here are the topics we will cover in this article:

  1. 3 Reasons to Buy an Expensive Guitar Strap
  2. What Are Guitar Straps Used For?
  3. Are Expensive Guitar Straps Worth It?
  4. How Much Should I Spend on a Guitar Strap?
  5. Does It Matter What Guitar Strap You Use?
  6. Does Guitar Strap Affect Tone?
  7. Are Guitar Strap Locks Worth It?

3 Reasons to Buy an Expensive Guitar Strap

Although many guitarists are happy with the stock strap that comes with their guitar, there are a few reasons why you should look at investing in a better quality one. Here are some of them:

1. Better Comfort

Expensive guitar straps are usually created with the user’s comfort in mind. This means that the guitar straps are a bit wider, so they don’t dig into your shoulder, and they have better padding near the shoulder area, which means your shoulders won’t get tired after a long playing session.


2. Reduces Neck-Dive

Most premium guitar strap manufacturers pay extra attention to detail. This is why many expensive guitar straps have an anti-slip material lining on the underside of the strap where it rests on your shoulder. These paddings are usually made from silicon and help reduce neck-dive significantly.


3. Premium Build

Most budget guitar straps are made from nylon which feels significantly cheaper than the leather used to make the more expensive guitar strap. They also offer better support while their shoulder pad is usually made from memory foam or neoprene.


4. Lasts a Long Time

Premium guitar straps (usually leather) will last you a much longer time. I personally have had the same leather guitar strap for 5 years now.

The thing about leather is, the longer you use them, the better and more comfortable they feel. If looks and comfort matters to you, then definitely check out a leather guitar strap.

Premium leathers last a long time and simply look better. I have a leather one like this and have been using it for close to 5 years.

What Are Guitar Straps Used For?

A guitar strap is a guitar accessory that allows guitarists and bassists to easily carry and support a guitar while performing.

A guitar strap attaches to the body of a guitar using ties or strap pins that hold it in place, allowing you to freely play the guitar.

With a guitar strap, you can hang your guitar from your shoulder at any length. Strap pins are steel pins found at the bottom of the guitar body and can be used to attach the strap to your guitar.

Guitar strap allows you to play standing up. More expensive straps are usually more comfortable and reduces neck dive.

Are Expensive Guitar Straps Worth It?

Yes. It is preferable to have a thicker, wider, and more expensive strap. The objective of having a guitar strap is defeated by a low-quality strap that obstructs your sound, feels uncomfortable, and wears out quickly. 

Leather straps with an extra shoulder cushion attachment are the most comfortable. The leather guitar strap secures your instrument in place, reducing the strain on your shoulder and arms. When you’re playing a heavy guitar, they don’t tire you out.

How Much Should I Spend on a Guitar Strap?

It depends on how much you want to spend on a guitar strap. Budget straps are often less than $30.

Good quality mid-range straps cost anywhere between $30 and $70. On the other hand, Premium guitar straps might cost more than $70.

Custom-made guitar straps can cost anywhere from $300 to $400, maybe even more.

However, once you pass the $100 mark, any further cost is essentially going towards someone’s artwork rather than the real comfort and performance of the strap.

Budget straps usually look like this and they are adjustable. If this is your first strap, consider getting a cheap one first.

Does It Matter What Guitar Strap You Use?

One of the most important factors to consider is the length of the strap. It should not be excessively lengthy or short. Although the weight of the strap is a personal choice, we recommend choosing something lightweight.

A strap that is too short may place the instrument too close to your chest, which will hinder your ability to play. If you use a longer strap, the guitar will sit too low on your torso, making fingering difficult.

The width of the strap has the most impact on how it sits against your neck or shoulder. A narrower strap will dig into your shoulders, which gets very uncomfortable, especially if your instrument is heavy.

Does Guitar Strap Affect Tone?

The guitar strap’s adjustment can change the angle of the player’s attack, which may cause some tonal changes. A longer or a shorter strap will modify the way you play the guitar, which can surely affect its tone.

However, the amount of vibration repressed by the guitar depends on how freely it is held. The amount of tone taken away or added by the strap material is not as important because it is not a component of the guitar’s physical structure or as closely tied to the tone as the strings.

Are Guitar Strap Locks Worth It?

Strap locks keep your strap from falling off the strap buttons, saving you from a potentially dangerous accident.

Having strap locks on your guitar can make you a lot more confident on stage, knowing your guitar straps will be securely locked no matter what happens.

Strap locks are substantially less expensive than most guitar accessories on the market. They are better for your peace of mind, but they can also save your guitar from its untimely demise. Ensure you get metal ones as they are sturdier.



How Do You Hold a Guitar Without a Strap?

You have to use your legs to hold a guitar without a strap. A strap is not always an essential part of a guitar. However, it is the most convenient aid to perfectly hold your guitar.

When you play your guitar, your strap is there for balance. However, you can hold it without a strap. You have to keep the guitar close to your lap or belly. Then place your right hand over it. Finally, place your left hand over the neck to play or hold your guitar. However, I recommend you use a strap to hold your guitar perfectly.  


Although guitar straps are not an essential component of a guitar, many guitarists can’t live without them. This is because many guitarists, especially those who perform on a stage, do it standing up.

Having guitar straps of good quality can be very beneficial to your guitar. They will be more sturdy, but they will also provide more comfort and generally do last longer.

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